Saturday, 22 February 2014

An update

Long time since the last post. Sorry, lots of things been getting in the way. I've had a leak in the roof of my van which has needed a lot of attention to try and track down are repair. In the process I had to remove the cab floor as it's foam backing was sodden.

Anyway, I did get a moment to make a nice hardwood bezel for the display unit for the battery monitor. I made it out of a piece of mahogany I got from the Bristol Wood Recycling project.

This is displaying the display I was working on with the touch-screen LCD I got to attach to an Arduino Mega clone.

I just need to wire it all up now and get back to working on the actual software.

In another development I managed to work out how to send data via GPRS with my GSM module, so I might use that and transmit the battery data to a web service running elsewhere rather then storing it locally on an SD card.


  1. I just quickly went through this blog. Looks like you got into an interesting project. There are at least two similar projects:

    I'd like to build batteries from scratch/scrap. Casting lead plates, making paste and electrolyte, etc. Have you thought about this, or know anyone else who has? Nickel-iron comes up a lot in this regard but lead acid has so much more reliable patent and construction documentation available.

  2. Hi there Matt, how's this coming along? I know it's been a while since last blog. I'm wanting to add more features to my display i built to control the air suspension in my Land Rover Discovery 2. I had it also displaying just voltage but want to add more info to it and be able to control my triple battery setup. Was wondering if you are going to share your code? anyway good luck and look forward to next blog