Saturday, 16 February 2013

Blown something up :(

Bollocks. Think I've somehow blown something up. After my last blog post I was going back to the garage to put the battery back on charge again. However when I tried to switch it on.... nothing. Taking the logging shield off the Arduino and the Arduino works again. So it is something up with the shield it looks like. My guess is the INA219 has somehow blown. Taking a reading from Vcc to GND on the shield I only get 6 Ohms resistance so seems that something has shorted somewhere. :(


  1. Matt, interesting project, are you in Belgium? I am in Brugge spending winter oin my Dutch barge where I have installed 2.5kW PV system and Victron inverter chargers. I am working on a modified Arduino project to divert excess solar power to the hot water heating and wouldn love to combine battery monitoring for the DC side too. I have 850AH 24V bank of Trojan batteries.

  2. No, I'm not in Belgium, I'm in the UK. I'm interested in your solar divert. Are you just going to use something like a relay, or will you be using a MOSFET-type system? I was looking at something similar to manage my solar (a mere 64W) but was then having trouble with how exactly to set it up.