Saturday, 9 February 2013


It seems battery desulphators are a pretty contentious topic, and some swear by them, some say they are snake oil. I purchased a kit on from Courties Town Marine. I thought it was worth a punt to see if I could revive my dead batteries.

Kit of parts
I did manage to make a mistake on the very first component I soldered in. It was a large diode that I soldered in back to front. I realised as soon as i did it, and then spent about half an hour trying to unsolder it.

I seems that everything it working and that I haven't managed to damage the components with the excess heat.

I wired it up to the battery in the garage. This is the one that managed to charge up to 15.1v. It has been sat now for about 4 days and is still reporting 12.90v... which still seems quite high. I connected the desulphator up and the LED has come on and I can here the 1Hz buzz of it as it pulses the battery.

The MOSFET on it gets pretty warm. As in I can just about touch it briefly, but it doesn't melt skin warm. I think this is normal. My multimeter is unable to read the voltage whilst the dusulphator is connected. I'm guessing the, in effect, AC voltage is too much for it.

I'll keep an eye on it to make sure it is not overheating, but you need to run them for several weeks for them to work apparently.


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